Driver’s Education – Why You Should Get Driver’s Education Online

Learning Tips / July 20, 2016 /

Have you ever thought how it would be if each driver could drive any way you like? It would become a real mess. It would possibly reach a point where no one could drive without having some kind of collision. Though that may seem a little far fetched, it does show how important it is to get as much driving education as possible, even if you do it online or through the help of Driver’s Ed California.

Just as we have rules in our house, we need them wherever there are people. The rules are there simply to be able to organize the daily life of our activities and enable a harmonious coexistence between people. The rules are very simple and you can get to know everything about them by simply checking on California Driver’s Ed. It is indeed a wonderful way to learn more about the rules and to know how to make transit much safer for everyone.

Get to know more about traffic laws with California Driver’s Ed

test driveTraffic laws have the same function as the simple rules of your home. Traffic law is to guarantee the right to go and come and so each rule as simple as it is, is collaborating with the fulfillment of its right. We must give up the old habit of driving “on our own” in favor to recognize and respect the rights of others and to ensure safety for all road users.

It is better you drive or ride your whole life without having tragic stories to tell, without bringing harm to you and especially to third parties. Who knows and uses defensive driving circulates life using the safe way traffic, while being correct, polite, and the news coming from

Obeying the laws is safe and legal! Always count on California Driver’s Ed to help you learn correctly from the start!

1 – All vehicle occupants, adults and children, must wear a seat belt even in the backseat.

2 – Children up to 7 years and a half in the car must wear protective equipment appropriate age (comfort baby seats or booster seat).

3 – Pedestrians must always be respected. Remember, you are also pedestrian. Give way to life!

4 – Drunk driving reduces by 25% the reaction time, increasing the risk of accidents. If you must drink, take a bus, taxi or ride.

5 – Cycling is also a vehicle therefore must respect the traffic signs. Drivers, keep a safe distance of 1.5m to overtake cyclists.

6 – Respect the speed limits. Reduce speed in front of schools or high concentration of pedestrians places.

7 – Bikers always uses protective equipment: helmet, gloves, boots and jacket.

8 – Respect the spaces reserved for the elderly and disabled. Kindness improves coexistence in traffic.

9 – Do not use your phone while driving. Distraction is one of the main risk factors for those who are behind the wheel.

10 – Driving tired or sleepy is as dangerous as driving drunk. Stop and rest before hitting the road. Contact California Driver’s Ed for extra tips!

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